As a full time ‘raise your own support’ worker, I am always amazed at how God meets my needs in the exact time and the exact amount needed. I want to thank the Cheng Foundation for standing in the gap for full time ministry workers like myself. I contacted the Foundation in a time where my support account was at an all time low. I was just about to send out a letter to my supporters telling them that I needed to drop down to part time hours due to finances. Days before the letter went out, I received funding from the Cheng Foundation for the exact amount I was missing to finish off the year in the black at full time (I had never indicated to them how much I needed – only to the Father above). I never did have to write that letter and have been in full time service without having to drop to part time. God is faithful.

Gary Croft, Director
Options Crisis Pregnancy Center
Station 7 Youth Drop-in Center
Montreal Youth Unlimited
Chateauguay, Quebec