I am pleased to announce that we have completed our project to distribute the book Uashteu in each home of the 55 Natives communities of Quebec. We have distributed a total of 20,143 copies of the book. It is an unprecedented historical event. All these trips have etched unforgettable memories in my mind. I consider myself privileged to have met so many kind people. I thank the Lord Jesus who made this project possible, which in reality, is His. I thank again all the authors who have shared their experiences and their love for God in the pages of this book. I thank the production team for their many hours of work and professionalism. I thank each and everyone who participated in the distribution of the book. I also thank the Cheng Foundation for your generous financial contribution. This mission was a great experience. There will be eternal fruits. Glory to God!

Claude Tremblay, Director
Le Groupe Jaspe
Magog, Quebec